How to have the hair shampoo ads promised you..without the shampoo!

7 thoughts on “How to have the hair shampoo ads promised you..without the shampoo!”

  1. J’adore… Dommage que je n’aie que trois cheveux qui se battent en duel sur mon crâne. OUI, j’ai succombé à la tendance pixie cut… mais il est intéressant de noter que depuis que j’ai les tifs raccourcis, ils ont l’air d’être moins ‘misère-misère’ qu’avant… Allez, je vais me trouver du ‘pas-shampoing’, ça m’a l’air d’être une bonne idée ça…

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    1. Haha j’adore la coupe pixie, c’est classe et même le nom est attirant! J’ai eu les cheveux courts aussi, pour la grande majorité de ma vie, ce n’est que durant les 2 dernières années, en essayent cette méthode, que j’ai vraiment commencé à les laisser pousser. Avant, dès qu’ils devenaient un peu longs, je ressemblais à un lion avec ma crinière ! J’espère que tes cheveux et toi vont aimer la méthode ‘pas-shampoing’ !


  2. Hey!

    I also use a combination of amla/reetha/Shikakai paste to clean my hair but i find that on days where I was my pre-oiled hair (I usually leave coconut oil in my hair overnight), it doesn’t take the oil off completely. Any advice?

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    1. Hi Karishma,
      Thanks for your comment. Happy to find another natural products user!
      Coconut oil can be quite heavy and hard to take off (I used to have that issue even when using commercial shampoo).
      I would recommend using a lighter oil, like almond or jojoba, which can be washed off more easily, but will still benefit your hair.
      If you want to keep using coconut oil however, maybe try using it more on your ends, instead of your scalp, and also leave it on for 1 to 2 hours before washing your hair, instead of overnight.

      Let me know if this helps and best of luck on your natural hair journey!


      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I will try to apply it only to the ends, and if it still doesn’t work, I’ll swap to a lighter oil altogether.

        I get a lot of inspiration from the website hairbuddha as well. I’m sure you might already be aware of it 🙂

        I’m currently experiencing with rosemary/mint rinses instead of conditioners and seeing how that works.

        Keep posting all that good stuff. I look forward to reading your reviews


      2. Oh no I did not, thank you for sharing, I will make sure to check it out!
        I read Rosemary is really great to stimulate new hair growth, let me know how that goes 🙂
        I have been testing our flaxseed gel as shampoo, and will post on my experience in a month or two (to really test it out). Thank you for your kind words, it makes me really happy to know that you enjoy my content.


  3. Oh you have to check hairbuddha out! There are some amazing tried and tested natural hair care advice/recipes 🙂
    Rosemary has been working great so far (I haven’t used it enough to assess whether it’s working for new hair growth) but I love how my hair feels afterwards.
    Flaxseed shampoo sounds super interesting. On the site I was telling you about, there’s a DIY hair detangler using flaxseed. Oh and I have also tried besan shampoo and egg shampoo (both worked well – the egg one for days when my hair feels particularly greasy, but I don’t overdo it because of protein overload)
    Will keep you posted about my natural hair care journey as well. Take care 🙂

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